Principal Psychologist

Doctor Rebecca Riseley

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Dr Rebecca Riseley holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has been employed within the mental health sector since 2002 and has expertise in assessing and treating clients from a systemic and developmental framework. She has worked within a variety of organisations including the The Alfred – Adult Psychiatric Service, Wyndamere Child and Family Services, Youth Justice, and the Austin Hospital Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS). In addition, Rebecca has worked successfully in private practice since 2010. In her role as a senior clinician at the Austin Hospital, she was responsible for the Triage, assessment and treatment of complex mental health issues, providing consultation to external government and community agencies, delivering in-service diagnostic training, and running group programs. She has also worked closely with schools, delivering training to staff in the detection of and response to mental health issues as well as assisting with support and case planning around individual children.

In Private Practice Dr Riseley works with adults, children, adolescent and families.  Rebecca has many years of experience in assessing and treating social, emotional and behavioural difficulties in children, adolescents and their families. She is experienced in diagnosing and treating a range of psychological issues and in creating strong working relationships with adults, children, parents, GP’s and schools. She enjoys assisting people to develop effective and healthy coping strategies and provides families with easy-to-follow solutions for complex problems.

Dr Riseley has partnered with ADAVic to deliver workshops exploring anxiety, fears, treatments and barriers. In addition, Rebecca has provided training to community agencies regarding navigating the mental health system.

Rebecca also works with adjustment to parenting, supporting parents with early attachment and bonding, and is able to provide parents with education regarding infant mental health and development.

Rebecca can assist individuals experiencing:

Anxiety and phobias School readiness
Behavioural problems Sleep difficulties
Relationship counselling Parenting
Depression and mood disturbances School refusal
Anger management and emotion regulation Family transitions
Stress mangement Attachment difficulties
Intellectual assessment Educational difficulties



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