Psychology Melbourne: Q & A Session with Minds For The Future founder Simi Rayat

April 15th, 2013 by

Overcome depression, anxiety, stress……….

Watch this space…….. Minds for the Future is holding its first Q & A session with Founder and Principal Psychologist Simi Rayat.

Currently we are are gathering questions from clients, doctors, interested parties from the web. Our focus is to find the most interesting and thought provoking questions on how to overcome issues such as:

  •  gambling problems
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • marriage/relationship counselling
  • trauma
  • sexual issues
  • family issues
  • grief
  • anger issues

Then in a recorded interview we will challenge our principal psychologist, Simi Rayat to provide her expertise in answering your questions.

This video will be educational, value adding with its aim to provide answers to tough “life” questions. All those who send through questions will remain anonymous, no question will be put in the “too hard basket” and none will be listed as a “waste of time”.

The topics listed above affect thousands of australians on a daily basis, psychologists see it as their duty to provide value adding solutions to issues such as depression, stress, anxiety, grief, marriage counselling, anger issues and trauma.

Please ensure you submit your questions to either or Our marketing manager Harvey will review the questions and select the best ones, I assure you based on the response to date this will not be a once off video log. We will also in future sessions introduce our growing team at Minds For The Future, expert psychologists who have joined in recent months.

Date for release of the first video log is : 27th May 2013

Minds For The Future is Melbourne psychology practice that aims to improve peoples wellbeing through counselling, coaching and facilitating thinking. Our specialist psychologists provide solutions to those facing gambling problems, depression, anxiety, marriage/relationship counselling, trauma, sexual issues, family issues, grief or anger issues.

Minds For the Future is now based in:

  • Gladstone Park – 232 Mickleham Road, Gladstone Park, 3043
  • South Morang – 547 The Lakes Boulevard, South Morang
  • Thomastown – 2 Highlands Road, Thomastown
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