Whilst one on one coaching and counselling is effective for some people, others learn best through group or team based coaching.

Minds For The Future provide group workshops and coaching for individuals experiencing common issues and wanting to develop themselves in their personal and professional lives. Please note the group workshops are not ‘Group Therapy’.

The workshops are thoroughly engaging, practical, well structured and thought provoking workshops for small groups. You will be equipped with practical strategies that you can take away and start applying in your life straightaway.



In our personal and professional lives we often come together with others to achieve a common goal. Although this may sound easy, at times it can be challenging to work with others especially when everyone has their own style, strengths and not to forget personality types.

Minds For The Future works closely with both newly formed teams as well as teams that have been together for a while.  We assist teams to understand how they can work more effectively together and achieve greater success and fulfilment.



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