Our aim/values

Our aim

Minds For The Future aims to empower you to succeed and to become the most fulfilled and nurtured ‘YOU’ in your personal and professional life. We help you to improve your mental health.

Our values

We provide a professional environment, working in collaboration with you to challenge your thinking and strive for your success.

Our values include

  • Integrity – your wellbeing is at our core, we are not here to judge you!
  • Confidentiality – we are bound by the APS confidentiality agreement
  • Collaboration – you know your life the best, we know how to help people change their beliefs and behaviours, it’s the perfect partnership!
  • Positive influence – we will empower you to nurture yourself and the people most important to you
  • Solution focused – you will receive practical strategies to overcome your problems and reach your potential
  • Push the boundaries – we will challenge your thinking and transform your outlook on life.



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