Overcome Anxiety

Minds For the Future psychologists employ the below treatments in helping overcoming all signs of Anxiety.


  • Relaxation Techniques: If you are experiencing anxiety, Minds For The Future psychologists can teach you relaxation techniques (deep breathing, muscle relaxation, visualisation, meditation and/or yoga) that can reduce your stress and calm your fears.

Your psychologist will guide you to calm yourself when you become stressed, tense, fearful and/or anxious. He/she will encourage you to use these techniques as you confront your fears, in an effort to reduce your anxiety symptoms (rapid breathing and accelerated heart rate) and encourage peace.

  • Regular Exercise: One of the most effective ways to combat anxiety is to exercise (walking, swimming, jogging, etc.) on a regular basis. In fact, exercising is a natural stress-reducer, anxiety-reliever and mood-improver. Your Minds For The Future psychologist will recommend that you exercise approximately 30 minutes a day, three or four times a week to reduce your anxiety attacks.
  • New Ways of Thinking: Minds For The Future psychologists can help ease your anxiety by teaching you how to identify and challenge unhealthy thinking patterns and irrational beliefs. Your psychologist will teach you how to change your negative thoughts into positive and constructive ones.
  • Repeated Exposure: The more you are exposed to something, the less threatening it becomes. If you are afraid of something, Minds For The Future psychologists can help you confront your fears in a safe and secure environment. During therapy, your psychologist will repeatedly expose you to the objects and/or situations you fear.

This technique will help you conquer your fears and gain a greater sense of self-control. As you gain more and more exposure to the feared objects and/or situations, without being emotionally or physically harmed, the more your anxiety will subside.

Step-by-Step Lists: If you are constantly overwhelmed and/or stressed, creating lists can help reduce your anxiety. Minds For The Future psychologists will help you banish your anxiety by teaching you how to create step-by-step lists. Your psychologist will suggest that you create a list of situations that scare, stress or overwhelm you and then have you gradually work through your list until you have conquered every fear on it.



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